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Welcome to Gay Amsterdam

home of the Amsterdam Gay Map ™

- Your Gay Way to Amsterdam (c) -
coverboys Amsterdam Gay Map 2020/ 21, foto Richard Broekhuijzen voor (c) GIP

ith over to 2,200,000 printed copies distributed, The Amsterdam Gay Map is one of Amsterdams main gay tourist guidance tools, and ideal to plan your trip.

Being yearly published by Amsterdams gay publisher, apart from being amidst gay life, it also bears the messages the (gay) venues would like to welcome you to Amsterdam with, as well as handy editorial information.

The Amsterdam Gay Map is yearly updated with and based upon your feedback, and of the huge amount of feedback we receive yearly, and have received over the last nearly 25 years. The Amsterdam Gay Map is also used in many gay event programms.

Where would you like to go?

The Amsterdam Gay Map is available for free in all gay venues in town, at the bigger hotels & most tourist shops, so just get your copy upon arrival! For an overview of where it's available, check the overview of all of Amsterdams gay venues.

Additional Resources & info

adverteren op de Amsterdam Gay Map (dutch)
get your own corporate edition (like we made for KLM for ex.)

If you would like to receive more copies of the Amsterdam Gay Map, for ex. because you are visiting with a group, just mail us at at any time, so we can make sure you get them. The maps are free of charge. We do not send individual copies abroad, as you can pick them up everywhere for free once in Amsterdam.

Legal note:
De Amsterdam Gay Map is een auteursrechtelijk uniek werk in de zin van de auteurswet, zoals tevens bevestigd door de President van de Rechtbank te Amsterdam & Het Hof. Tegen elke mogelijke verwarring wordt door ons ten alle tijde met alle mogelijke juridische middelen opgetreden.

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